Working with a Local SEO Agency vs Global

You may have heard the story regarding the Chevy Nova being a dismal performer when released in Mexico, and other Spanish speaking countries. That they didn’t do their research and Nova meant doesn’t go in Spanish, putting buyers off. It’s a great story, but it isn’t true. There are plenty of accurate examples of when attempts at going global have backfired, such as the 80’s KFC entry into China. When they failed to accurately translate their finger lickin good slogan, and it instead read eat your fingers off. Ford experienced a backfire, too, entering the Belgian market by telling customers that every car has a high-quality corpse.

There’s a reason that local ad agencies crush big ad agencies, because they understand the area around them. They understand the people that live there, the expectations that they have, the lives that they live and lead, as well as what appeals to them.


Small agencies such as this Houston SEO Company have to adapt, and they use that flexibility to constantly develop new and fresh ideas. Every member of their team is an expert at their job, and they are constantly developing their core skills, as well as additional skills, based on the project they are working. Someone in accounts may expand their knowledge into social strategy, while a tech lead may be able to assist in content strategy. Every person within a small agency is exposed to a variety of tactics, and they learn to draw upon those tools to solve the challenges their clients face. This means that every member of the team is solely focused on their client’s goals, as opposed to just their defined role. This is vital because marketing changes, and it is being redefined every day.

Flexibility is key to success. Large agencies don’t always have that same flexibility. Their ability is in generating large profits, and they are stuck with their business model. They’ve been in the same business for decades and they know what they know and how to deliver it. The industry has changed, though, and technology has disrupted client and user expectations. Agencies need to roll with the punches.

Risk Taking

An ad agency comes down to just one thing – people. There are a variety of ingredients that create a recipe for success, our interactions with people, the camaraderie that we experience, and our synergies. These interactions are fueled by culture. A small ad agency understandings the priority that culture plays, while big agencies are clueless. Large agencies have communication breakdowns and game playing that doesn’t happen in local ad agencies. They don’t have a company culture, so they don’t understand how a team spirit in a small agency can drive little failures into huge wins. Read more on risk taking here.

Small agencies understand what it takes to create innovative ideas, and breakthroughs, because their agency needs big wins to survive. Large agencies can afford to fail.

The bottom line is that a local ad agency is in your time zone, they understand your business, they understand your customer, and you can remain in contact with them throughout your campaign.