fyiReporting Software, LLC was founded by Kim Sheffield in 2004 to provide
developers and users with high quality, affordable tools and components.   Its first
project, the
RDL Project, is a reporting system based on the Report Definition
Language (RDL).  

Mr. Sheffield has held development, management and executive jobs in the
software industry over the last 30 years.   Prior to founding fyiReporting, Kim was
Vice President, exteNd R&D at Novell after they acquired SilverStream Software,
Inc.   Kim was a co-founder of SilverStream, a pioneering Java application server
before the term application server was coined.   

Prior to SilverStream, Kim was Vice President of PowerBuilder Engineering at
Sybase, Inc after their acquisition of Powersoft, Inc.   Kim was the first engineer
hired at Powersoft to develop PowerBuilder, an innovative RAD client server
development product.   While at Powersoft he invented the DataWindow, a high
level database display control.  

Kim holds a BS in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from University of
Rhode Island and a MS in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
  He holds two patents, both relating to database display, retrieval and update

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