Release 4.1 of the RDL Project is now available for download!    

The fyiReporting RDL Project is a powerful report and charting system based on
Report Definition Language (RDL).  Tabular, free form, matrix, charts are fully
supported.  Report output may be displayed as HTML, PDF, Excel, RTF, XML, .Net
Control, Web Archive, and to a printer.   See the
product overview.

The fyiReporting Software RDL Project 4 is released under the terms of the
Apache License Version 2.  This license allows you to use the RDL Project 4
libraries and programs in either open source or commercial applications as long
as you credit fyiReporting Software, LLC.   

Libraries exist for use in your ASP.NET, Windows .Net, and command line

A WYSIWYG designer allows you to create reports without knowledge of RDL.   
Wizards are available for creating new reports and for inserting new Tables,
Matrixes, and Charts into existing reports.

Support is provided via our free
forum.   The online help is updated on an ongoing
basis to always provide the most current documentation.   
Copyright © 2005-2008 fyiReporting Software, LLC.   All Rights Reserved.