RDL Project
The RDL Project provides a quality implementation of the RDL specification.  A
compact DLL is available for embedding the report writer into your own
applications.   A .Net control allows you to embed reports within your visual
applications and enable printing.  An ASP.NET library lets you use your reports in
your web applications.   A WYSIWYG designer is available for developers and
non-developers to create reports.  The RDL Project is written in C# and requires
.Net 2..  
Designer Overview:
The WYSIWYG designer allows you to create standard RDL reports without
knowledge of RDL.   

The RDL Designer uses the familiar tabbed interface used in the Firefox and IE
browsers.   On screen property sheets allow you to customize the items on your
report.   Wizards are available for creating new reports and for inserting new
Tables, Matrixes, and Charts into existing reports.  The preview tab allows you to
run your report prior to saving.  Direct editing of RDL syntax gives the expert user
complete control of the report properties.
fyiReporting Report Designer
Business graphics
  • Column (plain, stacked, percent stacked),
  • Bar (plain, stacked, percent stacked)
  • Line (plain, smooth)
  • Pie (plain, exploded)
  • Area (plain, stacked)
  • Doughnut
  • Scatter
  • Bubble
  • Map (usa_map, world_map, user configurable)
Presents report items in a tabular format
  • Table groups
  • Multiple header, footer, detail rows  
Allows absolute positioning of report items
Also know as cross tabulation.
  • Multi-level grouping of rows and columns
Output rendering
  • HTML
  • PDF
  • XML
  • Web Archive
  • .Net control
  • printer
  • Excel
  • TIFF
  • RTF
  • CSV
  • Silverlight
Databases, files, web,...
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft OLE DB Provider
  • ODBC - tested with MySQL
  • XML
  • Web Services
  • CSV files
  • Web Logs
  • Directories
  • iTunes XML files
  • Configurable to any .Net data provider including Oracle, SQLite, MySql, Firebird, Sybase
    iAnyWhere, PostgresSQL, ...
Programmatic Data
  • Any IEnumerable collection of objects with property names matching the DataSet
  • IDataReader
  • DataTable
  • XML Documents
XML Data may be embedded in report or an external file
Expression language based on VB .Net functions and expressions.   Including the following:

  • DDB, FV, IPmt, NPer, Pmt, PV, Rate, SLN, SYD
  • sum, avg, count, max, min, stdev, stdevp, var, varp, running value of all aggregate functions
  • iif, choose, switch
  • Math (Abs, Cos, Sin, Log, ...)
  • String (Concat, Format, IndexOf, Substring, ...)
  • Convert (ToDateTime, ToDouble, ToDecimal, ...)
  • +,-,/,*,^,%
  • decimal and floating point arithmetic
  • and, or, not
User written functions:
  • VB functions defined within the report
  • Static and instance based methods in your DLLs
Reports may be included in other reports.
Bar codes
EAN-13 and Bookland are provided.   Public interfaces allow you to create your own custom report
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